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By David Rowan, Directed by Jason Squibb
26, 27, 28, 30 June. 5:00pm start. £5

Run time approx. 45 mins. 

At the top of Harleigh Road in Bodmin is the old Grammar School. Today the building hums with modern business activity, but if you listen carefully, the sound of commercial industry fades and becomes the classroom murmur, the sound of playground games and the ringing of the school hand-bell.  If it is summer you will certainly hear the knock of bat on cricket ball, the call of the umpire and the ripple of applause. 
In 1914 Harleigh School won the Cornish Schools’ Cricket Championship. That same year, the Headmaster appealed to the Old Boys to rally to the colours: “Let not their old school be disappointed”.  When the Great War ended, 24 names were inscribed on the School Memorial.  From the faded pages of old School Magazines, the triumphs, hopes and dreams of schoolboys rise like ghosts, tragic and doomed. Among them are those who played for the School Cricket Team: It is their story we tell in Hip, Hip, Hip-Hurrah for Harleigh.

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