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18th JUNE- 15th JULY


Brothers, fathers, sons, a motorcycling clergyman, a talented composer, a heroic bandsman...

The Trench Bodmin tells the true and personal stories of local Cornishmen who fought in the First World War.

Follow in their footsteps, enlist at Bodmin Keep and take on a real soldier’s identity. Board a steam train at Bodmin & Wenford Railway and head off to our replica WW1 trench to experience the chaos of battle. Return and discover your fate, before entering the Trench Exhibition.


This experience is not for the faint of heart!

Suitable for ages 12 and over. 

What is The Trench Bodmin? Find out what's involved, here.

Short Plays 17:00 | The Trench Enlistment 18:00| Ration pack collection 18:00-19:00 | Performance starts 19:00 | Train Returns 21:00 approx. | Trench Exhibition until 22:30

See full details and timings below.

Complete your evening by seeing one of our short plays before the main experience.
Discover Bodmin’s alternative First World War stories in four additional short plays performed at 5pm on selected evenings at The Keep, £5 per ticket. NB There's limited seating so advance booking is advised. 

Click on the images for more information.

In addition to your ticket, why not pre-order a WW1 inspired Ration Pack to see you through the evening!

A freshly cut sandwich with one or two of the following fillings;

Meat Ration Pack – Ham, corned beef, Spam, Cheddar cheese.
Vegetarian Ration Pack – egg & cress, Cheddar cheese, cheese & lentil savoury.  

A savoury item from the following;
- Meat Ration Pack – Sausage roll, bacon & egg pie, Scotch egg
- Vegetarian Ration Pack – Homity pie (cheese & potato)

A hardboiled egg in its shell

A bag of Salt & Shake crisps (with the blue bag)

A crisp British apple

A cake item from the following;

A piece of Farmhouse fruit cake, a Fat Rascal or a piece of War cake

A bottle of St Austell commemorative Ale or

A bottle of Cornish Orchards apple juice


£10.00 - Order as an Extra when buying your tickets

“If you thought theatre was just about finding a comfortable seat in a warm room for a couple of hours, while watching actors on a stage portraying a story - think again.”  BBC on Collective Arts

Ticket information


EYES FRONT! Please make sure you have fully read the following:

This immersive Trench experience is not for the faint of heart.  Regrettably, the following are exempt from active duty in The Trench: 
- No children under the age of 12 (the youngest serving British casualty of WW1).  Soldiers under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. 
- No dogs. 

Your WW1 Identity and kit will be provided by the Quartermaster. 
Warm clothes and sturdy footwear are essential, you must be prepared to spend around one hour outside.

Ration packs can be ordered in advance and collected after enlistment.  Most dietary requirements can be catered for with prior notice, please email us with details of your requirements - don't forget to tell us the date you will be attending. Refreshments are not available on the evening unless pre-booked. 


Due to the nature of the Trench experience, it has not been possible to make this production fully accessible. If you would like to discuss your access requirements please email us or phone CRBO on 01726 879500. 

The Trench Experience:
Enlistment takes place on the ground floor of Cornwall’s Regimental Museum in Bodmin Keep, followed by a march across the road to Bodmin & Wenford Railway.   Visit Bodmin & Wenford Railway website for more info. The Trench itself is not suitable for wheelchairs or those with difficulty walking unaided. Visitors are asked to consider that there will be loud noises and flashes of light, and smoke effects in the Trench. Please note that toilet facilities are available at Cornwall's Regimental Museum and Bodmin & Wenford Railway, but not once you have boarded the train or in the Trench itself. 

The Short Plays: 
These take place in the loft space of Bodmin Keep.  The venue is accessed by three flights of stairs, without a lift.  Visit Cornwall's Regimental Museum website for further details.

The Exhibition: 
The Trench Exhibition takes place on the ground floor of Bodmin Keep, and is wheelchair accessible. You get free access to this exhibition with your Trench ticket until 11th November 2018. Visit Cornwall's Regimental Museum website for further details.


The Trench experience itself is an 'immersive' performance – you ‘the audience’ will not be called upon to engage with the enemy (until all basic training is complete), however you will be taking an active role in the production.

The time of enlistment and the time of departure are different.  Please ensure you allow time to enlist before boarding the train. All trains will depart promptly – stragglers will be left behind. 


Short Plays 17:00 | The Trench Enlistment 18:00| Ration pack collection 18:00-19:00 | Performance starts 19:00 | Train Returns 21:00 approx. | Trench Exhibition until 22:30


Unless extreme weather conditions (e.g. snow, thunder and lightning), the show will go on. If for any unexpected reason a performance is cancelled, it will be announced on our website and social media channels. 

Once Signed up to Enlist at The Trench your Ticket is non-refundable

Troops, go forth and Enlist in The Trench Bodmin - Your King and Country need you!

Ticket Info


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